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How We Typeset Your Manuscript

Don’t send your hard work overseas when you can have typesetting done for you here in the United States!

Delaney-Designs’ Typesetting Services can convert your MS Word to a PDF print-ready file at $1.25 per numbered page. This includes full design with headers and footers, set to trim and can usually be done for you within two to three business days.

Basic Typography

Kerning is the adjustment of space between characters and punctuation.

Line breaks are usually made automatically.

A typesetter or typographer uses her expert knowledge and training to decide when to manually override automatic settings. When automatic settings produce poor readability, such as in the example below, typesetters catch the offending character arrangement and correct it.

Alice the
typesetter jump-
ed over the manu-
script and
caught the white

Manual Override:
Alice the typesetter jumped
over the manuscript
and caught the white rabbit.

The typsetter used her expertise to fix the distracting hyphenation, ragged lines, and the solitary word “rabbit” (often called a widow).

A “Rag” is the appearance of the uneven side of a paragraph, usually the right side. Here are some guidelines for a good rag:

  • Don’t allow a small word like, is, an, I, to, etc., to end on a line.
  • Make sure that the last word on a line is not by itself.

These are just a very few of the typesetting guides that Delaney-Designs will use to adjust your book layout and make your book pleasurable to read.

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