Client Testimonials

“Thank you very much for making what I initially conceived of as being a treacherous experience, one that started and remained a labor of ease and collaboration.”

Malik Abdul-Khaliq, www.ethnicdiscourses.com


“Woo-hoo! Yep you nailed it. The depth of the images is awesome! Better than I expected. I knew it would be good, but . . .  My publicist will be pleased.”

James Miller, No Pit So Deep


“I had just written the most dramatic scene in the book, and when I received your files, there it was—the scene as perfectly described in the story . . .”

James Miller, No Pit So Deep Book 3


“I had finished writing my book about 6 months ago, but for one reason or another never got around to see about having the cover designed until this past week.
   Part of the reason for this delay, I think, was my confusion about how to even go about finding the right cover designer to work with. When I found your web site last week, however, that confusion seemed to just melt away. Not only was I impressed with your book cover portfolio, but the messaging on your site really spoke to me and addressed my underlying concerns about finding the right designer.
   Anyway, I’m glad that I went with my gut and decided to hire you. I am absolutely delighted with your work . . . ”

“We have been using Delaney-Designs for over three years. Pamela has never let us down, nor has she ever missed a deadline. Their services are well done, dependable and priced fairly. We recommend Delaney-Designs without any hesitation.”

“The best part about working with Pamela on publications is that she remembers all the details about what is important to me as an editor. The creative process becomes a true collaboration. Pamela has a great artistic sense of how words can be used and an excellent knowledge of how technology can enhance the process.”

Julia James
Publicist, HCEF

“Pamela has a great flair for creative design for our newsletter M&A Today. Graphics are of huge importance to spark the interest of our world wide readers such that her contribution is a major factor in our success. Pamela is not only diligent and prompt in her turn-around time, but she is enormously pleasurable in our work together.”

Russ Robb
Editor, M&A Today

“Pamela is one of the most creative graphic designers in business today. Pamela listens. She takes the time to know her clients and their business products and goals. Delaney-Designs created a logo for my stationery business that was beautiful, elegant and truly professional. It was the exact image that I was trying to project. Over the past two years, with the help of Delaney-Designs, my logo has graced ads and signs for Bridals shows throughout the Seacoast. As Beyond Words continues to grow, I know that our success is due, in part, to the company logo and Image that Pamela and Delaney-Designs has created.”

Lorraine Skaltsis, Beyond Words

“I’ve had a very good experience working with Delaney-Designs as the firm has been able to respond quickly and professionally to our web-design and graphic arts needs to promote our business, providing high quality and competitively priced work. This is all the more exceptional as our interaction has been over the phone and through quick turnarounds of electronic materials.”

Tim Cabot
President & CEO
Industries, Inc.

“I am very pleased with the book covers that Delaney-Designs has done for me. I believe sales of certain titles are actually stronger as a direct result of Pamela’s work. I know I’ll enjoy Pamela’s future creative surprises in her book cover and layout work for Jillett Publications.”

Bud Jillett,

“Working with Pamela has always been great. Her experience working with printers has been invaluable both as a vendor and as a client. She really listens to her clients and is able to give them what they need without making it impossible to produce.”

Michele Cloutier
Account Manager

“My experience with Delaney-Designs has been very positive. I would recommend their professional services to all businesses that are trying to reach the next level of excellence.”

Louis Chabot
Owner / Director
Professional Hockey Services