Magazine Layout Design Estimates

Magazine Design & Layout Cost Estimating Service

Are You Serious About Becoming a Magazine Publisher?

You want to start and run your own magazine but you have no idea of the costs involved.

So you’ve been scouring the web for free estimates hoping to determine the startup and ongoing production costs.

Stop doing that!

Using free online estimators won’t help you at all. Setting up a magazine for ongoing production is a highly complex task.

You need professional help.

If you’re truly serious about this venture, then you have already set aside some startup capital. I suggest you spend some right now. The true, real, honest, and accurate information you’ll learn from doing so will pay for itself over and over again in the fragile early years of your upstart magazine.

"It might well be the difference between your magazine becoming reality or becoming a nostalgic notion that your future self looks back upon."

You need a serious consultation with a professional designer who knows the industry because she’s had decades of design, print, and layout experience — someone who’s actually had the experience of flashing plates and getting ink on her fingers — that’s me, Pamela Trush.

I get over 200 inquiries per month from people wanting to know how much it costs to start their own magazine. This isn’t something that can be answered during a casual inquiry. You’re going to have questions for me and I’m going to have questions for you. Then I’ll work up a realistic cost estimate, put it in a format worthy of presentation to your Board of Directors, loan officers, venture capitalists, and whomever else you’re working with to make your magazine project REALLY happen.

With over 200 inquiries per month, I have to be tough with people. If the forgoing paragraphs seem too serious for you, then maybe you’re just not ready to become a magazine publisher and you should stop reading here. Most of those 200+ people don’t hire me. They may very well be your competition–they’ve analyzed the same trends you have. Want to get ahead of your competition? Then get serious about your vision and take the next step–read on!

Magazine Design Cost Estimate Plan

If you’re still reading this, and you want to make your magazine a reality, then here’s what I can do for you:

  1. Process your initial inquiry (with payment)
  2. Schedule and conduct a 30-minute phone consultation with you
  3. Prepare a comprehensive cost estimate for initial design setup of your magazine and ongoing design costs during monthly (or weekly, quarterly, whatever) production.
  4. Provide you with a readable, understandable, and presentable report

This is not a price quote for me to do the work. This is a comprehensive design cost analysis based on the current state of the industry from a professional who knows the industry well.

The price is $95 and includes everything from our initial consultation to the final report. To retain this service, click here to submit payment. After payment clears, I will contact you via email to set up your 30-Minute Phone Consultation. Often the process can be started the same day you make payment.

If you fail to take this step, bankers, venture capitalists, and potential investors will not take you seriously.

I look forward to working with people serious about their goal to become a magazine publisher.