CD Cover Design

CD Cover Design

Cover Art For Your CDs & DVDs

You pour your heart and soul into your music, taking great pains and valuable studio hours to lay down your tracks just right. Now you need a CD Cover Design that conveys this same attitude to your potential audience.

At Delaney-Designs, our slogan is, “A Vision of Your Thoughts.” This is because each client and each job is treated as a brand new case with specific desires and needs. All our cover art is 100% original designs, custom made and tailored to your written, verbal, drawn or illustrated description of your vision.

Audio books are the new wave for audiences who jog, or exercise with headphones. Delaney-Designs has worked with Chivers Audio Library and can create your custom audio book cover.

Did you capture hours of wonderful video? Do you need a DVD/CD Cover custom designed to your video footage? Maybe it was it your daughter’s wedding? Or your best friend’s band’s premier night? It makes a great gift any time of the year.

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