Converting Print PDF to Kindle and ePub

Converting Print PDF to Kindle and ePub

Please note, there’s no effective way to simply convert a PDF to a mobi file for Kindle, or to any other eBook format, such as ePub. Amazon’s uploader, and other third-party services, will do a raw conversion on a PDF, but it won’t look good!

Ever read an eBook and wonder why it has so many (often indecipherable) formatting errors compared to its hard copy print format? This is why. We’re surprised by how many authors blindly upload their PDFs to Amazon and B&N and never even check to see the resulting file.

Despite what you may have heard, changing a PDF to a Word Doc before uploading will not help very much. It will only add another layer of complexity that will introduce different glitches.

The best way to convert your print-ready book to a Kindle or ePub, is to make the proper adjustments to your layout file. That is, to make it “eBook friendly” so it will more readily export to Kindle and other formats.

You will not want to hire someone to do this until your hard copy print book is in print. That way you can be sure all final edits and adjustments have been made to the print layout file before it’s used as a starting point for an eBook layout file. Otherwise you’ll end up paying for things twice!

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