Kindle Conversion Looks Horrible?

Help! My Kindle Conversion Looks Horrible!

Common Problems with Online Conversions

Just show me some good samples!

If you’ve uploaded your eBook to Kindle Direct Publishing and found that the conversion results were less than desirable, you’re not alone. Half of our eBook clients come to us in exactly this predicament.

Common auto-conversion formatting problems include:

  • Print Version Table of Contents displaying in eBook Version
  • Front Matter not separated from main text body
  • No separation between chapters
  • Improper or non-existent spacing between chapters
  • Random Headers and Footers strewn throughout the text
  • Page numbers displaying at random points throughout the text
  • No proper eBook Table of Contents
  • No proper NCX
  • Images not displaying properly
  • Text overlapping images
  • Text overlapping text

If you already have a hard copy print version of your book, then ask your designer for the “packaged” InDesign IDML file. He or she will know what this means. The best way for us to quote your job is to have this file on hand to determine what aspects of it need to be revised to make it eBook friendly.

If you have not yet had a professional book layout, then chances are your current source file is a Microsoft Word document, or similar format. If you  are planning on releasing a hard copy print version of this book, along with an eBook, then the place to start is here on our book layout page. It makes more economic sense to do the print layout first as this is the best starting point for an eBook layout.

If all you have is a Word document (or similar) and you’d like to go directly to eBook, then we’ll need to give your file an eBook-friendly layout for best results.

If you’d like us to quote your project, please use the quote request form to the right. Please let us know what you have available for source material (InDesign, Word, etc).

Recent Samples

Note: Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature is not the best representation of the layout, as it does not completely format the text. For an accurate view of a given sample layout, download the preview file and view it on your actual Kindle or on Amazon’s “Kindle Previewer” (free download here).

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